Kelecung Village

About Kelecung Village

Kelecung Kelod, Bali, Indonesia is located in the Tabanan Regency. This rural area, which is nestled between the mountains and the sea, only a few kms from the ocean is a peaceful village of almost 400 residents. 

The town consists of farmers (rice), fishermen, artists, entrepreneurs and many children. In September 2015 the village embarked on new efforts to improve the lives of all its residents. The Tourism Village Program, which was launched to attract visitors, offers a chance to see first-hand how life in the real Bali is, to allow visitors to be immersed in the lives and the culture of the local residents and to improve the quality of life for all villagers socially and economically. 

At the same time local leaders within the village began to launch environmental improvement plans that consisted of green initiatives. During a 2018 visit to this village by some of our founders, they were captivated by the efforts of a few locals trying to make a sustainable change and believed they could assist with their current and future efforts.

Kelecung's beauty is absolutely amazing, from the black sand beaches, to the rice fields, to the unspoiled landscape and culture.

Our Residents

Kelecung Village is home to 400 residents. We are friendly, hardworking and respectful. We are farmers, fishermen, gardeners, professionals and entrepreneurs. We are hopeful for a bright future and are working to build a strong local economy while keeping our traditional values.

Our Economy

Our economy depends primarily on crop farming and animal husbandry. Kelecung Village has also begun to take part in Eco-Tourism, with local home stays offering comfortable acommodations and meals, as well as local sight seeing tours, education and hands on experiences.

Our Geography

Kelecung Village is a quiet rural village nestled between the Indian Ocean and the mountains. The Yeh Mataan river runs through our village. Our black sand beaches are a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, especially to watch the sunset. Our rice fields provide jobs and food for our village. 

Our Village

Kelecung's beautiful land, sea, nature and people!

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